• Introducing Snapadore

    Be organised in a snap

    Made by homeschoolers for homeschoolers

    • Record your day quickly and easily
    • Get inspired with tried and tested lesson ideas
    • Find homeschooling friends near you

Why Snapadore?

Snapadore is an idea, we think you’ll love, to combine the best of apps you know and use into a solution specifically for homeschoolers. Because we need help and we need each other.

Individually we don’t have the resources of a school. Individually we are trying to teach multiple ages at different stages, keep our sanity, a semi-clean house and justify to doubters why we choose to bring this upon ourselves. Let’s do this together. Let’s get organised, inspired and connected.

Welcome to the world of Snapadore.

First, Snapadore will get you recording what you already do in a day quickly and easily. Second, we will inspire each other by posting the details/recipes/how to’s of lessons that really worked for us so we can all benefit. Thirdly, Snapadore will suggest other homeschoolers you might like to connect with based on your location, children’s ages and interests.

And that’s just the initial stage when it’s created. There will be more. Much more, including event planning and discounts to venues.

Snapadore will be an app to bring homeschooling into a new league, creating a powerhouse of knowledge and collaboration between families so we can all benefit.

Check out the video to see more. Please join us. It’s going to be awesome.

Features you'll love

Snapadore was created for busy homeschooling parents to easily record what their child(ren) are learning as they go. No more catching up at the end of the day/weekend/month/year.

Record your day

Photograph or video each moment of the day's learning.

Tag Everything

Super intuitive tagging to easily find and order your snaps.

Timeline of learning

Snaps automatically appear in your learning timeline. You can edit the date of your snaps so it remains in order if you forget something and add it later.


Each child has their own profile recording their individual learning journey. If an activity involves more than one child, just tag their names.

Be inspired

Snapadore will suggest lessons for you based on your child’s age and learning preferences. Get involved and post lessons that really worked for you so we can all benefit from each other’s experience.

Find playmates

Snapadore suggests families just like yours (child’s ages/interests) you might want to meet up with or follow.

Photobook your year.

Great for education authorities, treasured keepsake, reference for the next child.

Save Everything

Save other people's snaps to your profile to inspire your planning.

An App Made By Homeschoolers For Homeschoolers

Snapadore in detail

Published Snapadore September 13th, 2017


Meet the McGregor’s. We are just like you. Homeschoolers trying to do their very best to educate their children. That is what is most important here. Everything we do with this system is designed to ensure your homeschooling journey is easier, more enjoyable and fun.

Ex Cop. Dad.
Losing her marbles. Mum.
First born. Last motivated to learn
2nd born. First to cause trouble.
Surprise addition. Destroyer of time

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